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Norma R.A. Romm The Methodologies of Positivism and Marxism. A Sociological Debate

Книга "The Methodologies of Positivism and Marxism. A Sociological Debate".

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Open Marxism 2. Theory and Practice

In this study, distinguished international contributors project an ‘open’ Marxism - a rejection of the determinism and positivism which characterise so much of contemporary left-wing thought. Topics covered in the two volumes include Marxism and political economy, historical materialism, dialectics, state theory, class, fetishism and the periodisation of capitalist development.

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Open Marxism 1. Dialectics and History

In this study, distinguished international contributors project an ‘open’ Marxism - a rejection of the determinism and positivism which characterise so much of contemporary left-wing thought. Topics covered in the two volumes include Marxism and political economy, historical materialism, dialectics, state theory, class, fetishism and the periodisation of capitalist development.

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Open Marxism 3. Emancipating Marx

Publication of the first two volumes of Open Marxism has renewed interest in a theoretical tradition which, during the 1980s seemed to have lost momentum. The series aims to 'open' the theoretical categories of Marxism to actuality, to renew old debates and to project new ones. Within the framework of 'openness', the authors of this long-awaited third volume address a wide range of topics which have become classic in Marxist debate, including dialectics, epistemology, social emancipation, value theory, historical materialism and the relationship between feminism and Marxism. provides a forum for open debate on the key theoretical questions of the decade.The contributors argue that sociological heritage which grew up under the banner of scientific Marxism has had a detrimental effect on the movement of socialist thinking. The 'emancipation of Marx' implies both freeing Marx from the understanding of the 20th Century and the freeing of the human spirit from the control of capital. The contributors have been selected from an international base and none have previously contributed to the series. The issues covered are of contemporary relevance and, along with the first two volumes, this third examination of 'open Marxism' provides the basis for a radical rethink on restructuring the world in which we live.

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Rhonda Levine Recapturing Marxism. An Appraisal of Recent Trends in Sociological Theory

Книга "Recapturing Marxism. An Appraisal of Recent Trends in Sociological Theory".

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Andy Merrifield Magical Marxism. Subversive Politics and the Imagination

*Shortlisted for the Bread and Roses Prize, 2012* Andy Merrifield breathes new life into the Marxist tradition. Magical Marxism demands something more of orthodox Marxism - something more interesting and liberating. It asks that we imagine a Marxism that moves beyond debates about class, the role of the state and the dictatorship of the proletariat. In escaping the formalist straitjacket of typical Marxist critique, Merrifield argues for a reconsideration of Marxism and its potential, applying previously unexplored approaches to Marxist thinking that will reveal vital new modes of political activism and debate. This book will provoke and inspire in equal measure. It gives us a Marxism for the 21st century, which offers dramatic new possibilities for political engagement.

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Sa O. Knap Mergence and Adaptation of Scrum Extreme Programming

Responsiveness to the requirements of the client and as accurate an estimate of duration of the project as possible are essential components of software development. Traditional software development methodologies are inappropriate for fast agile development, especially in small companies. The purpose of this work is to present the mergence of two agile software development methodologies applied to the case of a company to correspond with the new development process, and to give reasons for transferring to the new agile development method. This work begins with a presentation of the review and history of classic development methodologies, and continues with a detailed description of new agile development methodologies, especially Scrum and extreme programming. The last chapter concentrates on the merge of the two methodologies and their adaptation to the development of small companies.

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Charles D. Cashdollar The Transformation of Theology, 1830-1890. Positivism and Protestant Thought in Britain America

Charles Cashdollar reinterprets nineteenth-century British and American Protestant thought by identifying positivism as the central intellectual issue of the era. Positivism meant, at first, the ideas of the French thinker Auguste Comte; later in the century, the term indicated a more general opposition to supernatural religion. Cashdollar shows that contemporary thinkers recognized positivism, at each of these stages, as the most fundamental of the proliferating challenges to religious belief. He further reveals how the encounter with positivism altered Protestant orthodoxy--in both subtle and radical ways.Positivists denied that humans could know anything other than physical phenomena. Declaring many orthodox beliefs archaic, they proposed a new, ethically based vision of service to humanity. After portraying the dissemination of these positions among British and American Protestants, the author explains how each of several groups reacted. A few theologians rejected positivism outright, but many more responded by recasting their own beliefs. The implications of this story of change extend to such topics as Darwinism, Biblical criticism, the rise of the social sciences, theological liberalism and the Social Gospel, the beginnings of fundamentalism, and the twentieth-century debate about "creationism" and science.Originally published in 1989.The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books fr...

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Franklin Henry Giddings The Theory of Socialization - A Syllabus Sociological Principles for the Use College and University Classes

Книга "The Theory of Socialization - A Syllabus of Sociological Principles for the Use of College and University Classes".

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Elsafi Ali Ahmed Abubakar, Awad Elshaikh Mohamed A Comparative Study of Software Development Methodologies

The main objective of this research is to study two types of software development methodologies, more specifically, traditional software development methodologies and agile software development methodologies, in order to compare them together. To this end, some of traditional and agile methodologies were presented. Also, the characteristics and limitations of each methodology were introduced. It was found some similarities and differences between traditional and agile methodologies. furthermore, the similarities and differences were found between some of the agile methodologies. In this book, a framework for selecting most suitable agile software development methodology for a given project has been proposed.

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Rob Sewell, Alan Woods What Is Marxism?

In this epoch of instability, crisis, war and ever-growing inequality, Marxism is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition to millions of workers and young people around the world. The old mole of revolution, to use Karl Marx's own phrase, is burrowing deep into the foundations of society. And yet we are repeatedly told that Marxism is either irrelevant, or out-dated, or even dead. Yet, if that were true, why are so many books and articles churned out year-on-year attacking Marxism? Clearly the powers that be are rattled or indeed frightened by these "dead" ideas. So what is this set of ideas that frightens them so much? Marxism - or scientific socialism - is the name given to the body of ideas first worked out by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels more than 150 years ago. In their totality, these ideas provide a fully worked-out theoretical basis for the struggle of the working class to attain a higher form of human society - socialism. This book is aimed specifically at newcomers to Marxism. A bestseller now in its second edition, it comprises introductory pieces on the three component parts of Marxist theory, corresponding broadly to philosophy, social history and economics: dialectical materialism, historical materialism and Marxist economics. Complementing these introductions are key extracts from some of the great works of Marxism written by its most outstanding figures - Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky.

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Brenton Clarke R. Robustness Theory and Application

A preeminent expert in the field explores new and exciting methodologies in the ever-growing field of robust statistics Used to develop data analytical methods, which are resistant to outlying observations in the data, while capable of detecting outliers, robust statistics is extremely useful for solving an array of common problems, such as estimating location, scale, and regression parameters. Written by an internationally recognized expert in the field of robust statistics, this book addresses a range of well-established techniques while exploring, in depth, new and exciting methodologies. Local robustness and global robustness are discussed, and problems of non-identifiability and adaptive estimation are considered. Rather than attempt an exhaustive investigation of robustness, the author provides readers with a timely review of many of the most important problems in statistical inference involving robust estimation, along with a brief look at confidence intervals for location. Throughout, the author meticulously links research in maximum likelihood estimation with the more general M-estimation methodology. Specific applications and R and some MATLAB subroutines with accompanying data sets—available both in the text and online—are employed wherever appropriate. Providing invaluable insights and guidance, Robustness Theory and Application: Offers a balanced presentation of theory and applications within each topic-specific discussion Features solved examples throughout which help clarify complex and/or difficult concepts Meticulously links research in maximum likelihood type estimation with the more general M-estimation methodology Delves into new methodologies which have been developed over the past decade without stinting on coverage of “tried-and-true” methodologies Includes R and some MATLAB subroutines with accompanying data sets, which help illustrate the power of the methods described Robustness Theory and Application is an important resource for all statisticians interested in the topic of robust statistics. This book encompasses both past and present research, making it a valuable supplemental text for graduate-level courses in robustness.

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Peter J. Martin Music and the sociological gaze. Art worlds cultural production

In this important new book, Peter J. Martin explores the interface between musicological and sociological approaches to the analysis of music, and in doing so reveals the differing foundations of cultural studies and sociological perspectives more generally. Building on the arguments of his earlier book Sounds and society, Dr Martin initially contrasts text-based attempts to develop a ‘social’ analysis of music with sociological studies of musical activities in real cultural and institutional contexts. It is argued that the difficulties encountered by some of the ‘new’ musicologists in their efforts to introduce a social dimension to their work are often a result of their unfamiliarity with contemporary sociological discourse.Just as linguistic studies have moved from a concern with the meaning of words to a focus on how they are used, a sociological perspective directs our attention towards the ways in which the production and reception of music inevitably involve the collaborative activities of real people in particular times and places.

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George Scott The History Of Corporal Punishment - A Survey Flagellation In Its Historical Anthropological And Sociological Aspects

Книга "The History Of Corporal Punishment - A Survey Of Flagellation In Its Historical Anthropological And Sociological Aspects".

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Joseph V. Stalin Marxism and Problems of Linguistics

This translation of "Marxism and Problems of Linguistics" is a reprint of the English-language text published in Moscow in 1954. This edition also includes notes from the 1971 Chinese edition.

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G. A. Cohen Karl M Theory of History. A Defence

First published in 1978, this book rapidly established itself as a classic of modern Marxism. Cohen's masterful application of advanced philosophical techniques in an uncompromising defense of historical materialism commanded widespread admiration. In the ensuing twenty years, the book has served as a flagship of a powerful intellectual movement--analytical Marxism. In this expanded edition, Cohen offers his own account of the history, and the further promise, of analytical Marxism. He also expresses reservations about traditional historical materialism, in the light of which he reconstructs the theory, and he studies the implications for historical materialism of the demise of the Soviet Union.

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John Bowers Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes. Understanding Theory Application

A concise, visually based introduction to graphic design methodologies Graphic design has emerged as a discipline complete with a body of scholarly literature devoted to its underlying theory. Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes contributes to this expanding discourse by illustrating the value of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in guiding conceptual development in ways beyond those based on taste, style, and personal preference. Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes: Introduces a range of practical methodologies pertinent to the interpreting, targeting, and creating of forms and messages Furthers the ability of designers by showing them how to design creatively, collaboratively, and strategically, and as a result, helps them move from form-makers to cultural participants—a transformative trend for design professionals Includes case studies with questions and answers contributed by a diverse group, including Second Story and Sol Sender As professional designers play more strategic roles, the need for material on design methodologies is growing. This concise, visually based introduction to the topic is the designers definitive resource for defining their purpose, and producing work that is original, appropriate, responsible—and inspiring.

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РАСПРОДАЖА NORMA KAMALI - Осень/Зима 2018 | Luisaviaroma

К покупкам: РАСПРОДАЖА NORMA KAMALI Распродажа. Бесплатная ... дизайнер создавала как купальные костюмы, так и современную одежду.

Ricerca avanzata per - Università degli Studi di Palermo

Lavori di messa a norma della caldaia e gruppo elettrogeno del Polo universitario ... 172, 90134 Palermo Tel. ... UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PALERMO POLO TERRITORIALE UNIVERSITARIO DELLA PROVINCIA DI TRAPANI Allegato "C1.


25 сент. 2014 г. - Sede Legale: Via Maqueda, 100 – 90134 Palermo .... C1 Assistenza e supporto nella progettazione e attuazione di programmi, progetti ed .... inquadrati di norma, in base alle caratteristiche indicate nelle seguenti fasce di.

ÿþR ES 3 7 - Osce

17 апр. 2017 г. - Que, el inciso c) de la Norma II del Título Preliminar del Texto Único Ordenado del ...... 11/04/2017 10401930928 CAMPOS SANCHEZ DELMER C1. 7 ...... 157.00. 1008. 201700090134. 90,134. 08/04/2017. 10434745107.

Norma Kamali (Норма Камали) интернет …

Более 1210 товаров в каталоге: Одежда, Аксессуары, Сумки и рюкзаки Norma Kamali с доставкой по ...

Sviluppo Rurale - Circolare Coordinamento - Agea

4 мая 2017 г. - 90134 PALERMO ..... modernizzazione del settore agricolo, a norma dell'articolo 7 della L. 5 marzo 2001, n ...... Superfice attività C1 liquidabile.

vedi - liceovittorioemanuelepa.it

22 июн. 2018 г. - Sede: Via Simone da Bologna, 11- 90134 Palermo ) 091581942 Fax ... deve essere in possesso di una certificazione almeno C1. ... Le disposizioni contenute nel presente bando rappresentano a tutti gli effetti norma.

Untitled - DiSTAR - Unina

Fotografie al SEM di ostracodi in norma laterale esterna: I - Bairdia corpulenta ...... ments were carried out on two samples taken from UNIT 1FSN (C1 ...... di Geologia e Geodesia, Universita` di Palermo, Corso Tukory 131, 90134 Palermo, Italy.

Documentatie Lucrari de Reparatii si renovari la sectia de ... - sjusm.ro

Subcapitol (norma comasata). Denumire. MATERIAL. (col.3x .... 50X 6 C1 LIPIT. MP. 004 CG08A#. 560.000 .... SI BETOANE DELA RETEA. 90134 ZIDAR CAT.4.

министерство сельского хозяйства российской федерации фгбоу ...

В зависимости от ввода БВД в комбикорма рассчитывают нормы ввода в ..... Вероятность p01(Δt) перехода зерна из состояния С0 состояние C1 за время от ...... 8,77 6,39333 2,89631 0,45337 2,90134 5,64854 4,50163 12,2291. 25.


25 окт. 1991 г. - 4.80 Se observ6 que una norma de F,, no era apropiada para esta especie ..... estsindar A5, A6, A7, C1 y C2; ...... 90134 y 91/24 (piinrafo 8.4).

schools and classes for feeble - Eric

99,391 90,134 189,701 46,450. 454,459 316,607 ... Elo- men; tare tvades. -*. Lo.,. Mid-. Low. rile. . High ve a .4 c1 ..,a al _____. 28 li c. a;. :,' ....,5. .... the Norma/.

Qualidade Microbiológica e Físico – Química de Queijo ... - Estudo Geral

com a Norma Portuguesa NP-1598, define-se o queijo como sendo o produto fresco ou curado, de consistência ...... 9781441908254-c1.pdf? UE (União ...... 16,90134. 99,4196. 8. 0,067651. 0,39794. 16,96899. 99,8176. 9. 0,021322. 0,12542.

труды - Единое окно доступа к образовательным ресурсам

c1 c2 c2. + b1 b1 b2 b3 b3 b2 c2 c1 c1 c2. Данные. Команды. Операторы b2 a1 a 1,2,3,4 ...... 1 Работа выполнена при поддержке РФФИ (проекты 03-01-00355, 01-07-90134). ...... Система Норма. http://www.keldysh.ru/pages/norma. 3.

NORMA KAMALI - Купальные Костюмы Для Женщин - Весна/Лето ...

К покупкам: NORMA KAMALI - Купальные Костюмы Для Женщин Весна/Лето 2019. Бесплатная экспресс-доставка.

Letizia Russo - Letizia Russo - Maurizio Citrolo Notai Associati

... nel 2014 ai sensi della norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 dalla TUV Italia S.r.l.; .... Università degli Studi di Palermo, Via Maqueda, No.172, 90134 – Palermo, Italia ... B2/C1 (CEFR – Quadro comune europeo di riferimento per la conoscenza ...

Душевые лотки и трапы Berges c1 norma в Москве - купить по ...

Вы можете выгодно купить Душевые лотки и трапы berges c1 norma с официальной ... Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 300 90134, матовый хром.

Душевой лоток berges c1 norma 90139 - playinstinct.ru

Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 90134 5810 RUR Найти похожее · Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 90137 душевой лоток berges c1 norma 90139.

Información de la materia - Departamento de Ingeniería Agroforestal ...

Información. Créditos ECTS; Créditos ECTS: 6.00; Total: 6.0. Otros Datos. Tipo: Materia Ordinaria Grado RD 1393/2007; Departamentos: Ingeniería Agroforestal ...

MODELLO 730/2014 redditi 2013 - Comune di Palermo

dPA P I A Z Z A ______ P A R L A M E N T O. NUM. CIVICO. 5XIT. 1. 90134 ... C1 l TJpofcgi*. 1 Indetervnrnalo/. Determinalo. ' REDDITO [punto 1 CUD 2014) ...... CONI a norma di legge che svolgono una rilevante attività di Interasse sociale.

NORMA KAMALI Купальные трусы - sibdom-sk.ru

norma kamali Слитный купальник. norma kamali Слитный купальник похожие. 13000 rur. norma kamali Купальный ...

Katalog profili standardowych Catalogue of standard ... - Final S.A.

wytrzymałościowych zgodnych z normą EN 755-2. Standardowa ..... 90134. 90078. 90110. 90204. 0,624. 0,756. 0,422. 0,53. 0,786. 1,758. 0,502. 0,338 ..... (mm) waga weight/Gewicht. (kg/m) nr profilu profile no. Profil - Nr. B. C. C1. A1. R2. A.

Annuncio Negozio in vendita a Palermo, Palermo. € 65.000, 60 mq ...

... di Via Maqueda, centro della Movida Palermitana, disponiamo di un locale categoria C1 di 60 mq. ... Cap: 90134 ... Idraulico (a norma); - Elettrico (a norma).

Download - Pfam

Norma] ALO00433.1 inner membrane protein CreD [Leptospira interrogans ...... 11-4632 C1] EHF65405.1 inner membrane protein CreD [Escherichia coli ...... cell envelope integrity protein CreD [Escherichia coli] PBU90134.1 cell envelope ...

Back Matter - University of Chicago Press Journals

Libreria Dante, Quattro Canti di Citta, 90134 Palermo. *Libreria ..... Norma S. Chinchilla, and Ann Stoler education and labor ... first two books." C1 21639 $2.95.

Prot. N. UMU/471 (CITARE NELLA RISPOSTA) Roma li. 3 ... - Agea

3 мая 2012 г. - 90134 PALERMO ..... che i contratti relativi alla disponibilità dei fondi risultano registrati a norma di legge e sono validi per tutto il periodo ...... C1 -aziende che utilizzano il metodo biologico per tutte le UBA aziendali.

Norma kamali купальный бюстгальтер купить с доставкой в ...

NORMA KAMALI Купальный бюстгальтер. 1821 Просмотров. синтетическое джерси, аппликации из металла, одноцветное изделие, без застёжки, ...

Norma Kamali | SHOPBOP

SHOPBOP - Norma Kamali ... Цельный купальный костюм Mio 150,00 $ 75,00 $ 75,00 $ Norma Kamali ...

Scarica la versione stampabile del BUR n. 36 ... - BUR Regione Veneto

19 апр. 2016 г. - VISTI gli atti dell'istruttoria esperita a norma di legge durante la ...... 90134 di Prot ...... C1.2 – Numero presenze in ufficio oltre le ore 17.00.

https://discountsgood.ru/Блендеры/Блендер-starwind-stb7586 ...

... https://discountsgood.ru/Лучшее/Однорычажный-смеситель-dorff-norma-для-раковины-с ...... https://discountsgood.ru/Лучшее/Liebherr-ik-3520-20-90134 ...... https://discountsgood.ru/Видеорегистраторы/C1-gps-черный-rayberry-92453 ...

Душевые лотки и трапы c1 norma в Москве - купить по низкой цене ...

Вы можете выгодно купить Душевые лотки и трапы c1 norma с официальной гарантией: ... Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 300 90134, матовый хром.

Метод функционалов Ляпунова в задаче об ... - Math-Net.Ru

становится банаховым, если ввести норму ..... ваний [90,134] динамическая система строится в подобласти Γ ..... /1(c1ϕ1 + c2ϕ2) = c1/1(ϕ1) + c2/2(ϕ2),.

The Episcopal Church - ACS Integration

15 нояб. 2007 г. - C1 The Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck .... Norma Goodson. F. Grady Hall III ...... 90,134. 2,183. Restricted. St. Michael's, Ral, Helen Morgan. 7,188. 174.

Купить женские купальные топы Norma Kamali, на крючках в ...

Купить женские купальные топы Norma Kamali, на крючках со скидкой до 80% и бесплатной доставкой по Москве, РФ. Модные женские купальные топы ...

Законодательство Ставропольского края: Постановление ...

Хлорид-ион (C1) мг/л ...... Нормы водопотребления приняты в соответствии с СП 30.1333.2010, СНиП 2.04.01-85* и с учетом ТСН "Нормы ...... 90134,055

ER-586 Service Segment - The National Archives Catalog

C1. TPQ. TPQ. AERIAL TRANSIT COMPANY. 06002. 07002. 8408 9999. C1. TPQ ..... 90134. 90093. 06010. 06195. 90094. 06920. 03775. 37671. 90095. 90096.

30 Nov 1951 - Advertising - Trove - National Library of Australia

tor Hcaicn s S kc A C1 Hen Webb ...... .11 as NORMA MORTIMER late ...... 13956 21330 2B459 34891 4j565 51005 61369 70009 "G5J9 81011 90134 53 47.

Прикольные картинки часть 2 [Архив] - Страница 9 - Клуб владельцев ...

http://tn.new.fishki.net/26/upload/post/201504/15/1501948/00e90134bd35073c7402991ecaa31433.png ... норм бабец. не там родилась. у нас, это норма ..... http://s020.radikal.ru/i702/1505/c1/3fb3ed99836b.jpg ...

2015 Filtration and Chemical Cross Reference / Product Guide

Page B1 - B8. C. Numéros de pièces obsolètes supplantées et mises à jour Page C1 - C15 ...... (Japanese Industrial Standard, Norma Industrial Japonesa).

Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 300 90134, матовый хром купить ...

Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 300 90134, матовый хром по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине «Перфекто»! Гарантия производителя, доставка по ...

Kamalikulture By Norma Kamali Купальный Бюстгальтер, Одежда ...

Kamalikulture By Norma Kamali Купальный Бюстгальтер, Одежда Санкт- Петербург. Гибкая система скидок. Тысячи товаров по лучшим ценам!

Купить женские купальные топы Norma Kamali, с оборками в ...

Купить женские купальные топы Norma Kamali, с оборками со скидкой до 60 % и бесплатной доставкой по Москве, РФ. Модные женские купальные топы ...

agenda - Madera Unified School District

26 июн. 2014 г. - Norma Magos. Secretary. Adams ...... LCFF-BASE $337,542. LCFF-S&C -$90,134 ...... (Sum of Lines C1 C2e and C3f). California Dept of ...

Mobilità IRC - Edscuola

A norma delle disposizioni contenute nel DPR 28 dicembre 2000, n. 445, così come mo- ...... BASILICATA. Piazza Cattedrale, 8. 75028 TURSI MT. C1. Cassano All' Jonio. CALABRIA. CALABRIA ..... 90134 PALERMO PA. QD. Palermo. SICILIA.

Norma r a romm the methodologies of positivism and marxism a sociological. NORMA KAMALI Купальные трусы - sibdom-sk.ru

norma kamali Слитный купальник. norma kamali Слитный купальник похожие. 13000 rur. norma kamali Купальный ...

Deviz oferta CRI128 Lucr.arh.CIE Crisan.2012

0.00600 M.C.. 90134 ZIDAR. 1.09000 ORA ... 90134 ZIDAR CAT.1. 0.02000 ORA. 8997301 ...... PLINE M 50 CAL.1 C1 240X115X63. S457. 535.40800 BUC.

Computo Metrico - Unione Montana Appennino Parma Est

16 мар. 2017 г. - riscaldamento in accordo alla norma UNI-CTI 8065, marca ...... C7 E2B40 68BE98E89370FF8FCB5 C7 22CF874377B0 B6 DFE C1 FE9A2 ...... 152D 12D A5 BF025093058702D85 0F90134CF7C 2732392770CDE094FA5 ...

stazione appaltante comune di trabia bando di project finacing per l ...

14 июн. 2018 г. - 90134 Palermo; è altresì facoltà dei concorrenti la consegna a mano ...... in considerazione: la Conformità alla norma CEI EN 62471:2009-2 in.

Environmental authorities register - Department of Environment and ...

... cubic metres of chemicals of class C1 or C2 combustible liquids under AS 1940 or ...... Cancelled, 10/07/2018, Munro, Norma Claire, MC70629, Mining Claim ...... ML90081; ML90082; ML90134; ML90161, Ancillary 08 - Chemical Storage, ...

negozio Via dei Candelai, Palermo - Negozio in affitto rif. 40050274 ...

... Candelai, traversa di Via Maqueda, centro della Movida Palermitana, disponiamo di un locale categoria C1 di 60 mq. ... Cap: 90134 ... Elettrico (non a norma) ...

Купальник Norma Kamali Цельный Купальный Костюм Mio - Drez.ru

Купальник Norma Kamali Цельный Купальный Костюм Mio по цене 15 313 р. в каталоге интернет-магазине Drez.ru: оригинальная модная одежда, обувь ...

projecte rehabilitació dels vestidors del camp de futbol

Derogació parcial, només per als vàters ceràmics de la norma UNE 67001:88 ...... Adhesiu cimentós tipus C1 segons norma UNE-EN 12004. 0,25 ...... 0,90134. B0711020 kg. Adhesiu cimentós tipus C2 segons norma UNE-EN 12004. 0,54.

Apri - Albo consulenti

Cognome: CALVAGNO Manuela Norma ...... Indirizzo: Vicolo Del Secco 2-90134 Palermo (PA) ...... Indirizzo: Via Monte Di Pieta' 11-90134 Palermo (PA).

B (1963-1964) - Provincial Archives of Alberta

BLESSE. NORMA. MARLENE 1 1 63. 002-125 FOX L II 22 6208 E 11 LABOUCAN. P L 08:08 ...... ANNIE. WINNIFR 7 7 64. 1005-789 MEDIC H: 71791 21 G 11 BROOJ(S. C1. 21 :21 ...... :009-412 LAVOY : 90134 08 B II KNELLER. P :E 69:77. 1.

Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации ...

24 апр. 2016 г. - Нормы и нормативы расходования ресурсов. ГОСТ 14.322-83 ...... 2.5.8 Индуктивное сопротивление фазы обмотки статора [c1,с.407]:. Ом lf. X. Д л. П ...... 16.587 32.712 48,227 63,018 77,004 90,134 60,122. ZR' cos 2.


Activated C1 cleaves C2 into C2a and C2b. C2a leads to activation of C3. ...... -0.171 -0.481 0.139 0.789 -0.481 90134 KCNH7 potassium voltage-gated channel, ...... This gene is thought to be expressed in colon carcinomas but not in norma ...

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Вы можете выгодно купить Душевые лотки и трапы лоток c1 norma с официальной ... Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 300 90134, матовый хром.

the star formation newsletter - IfA, Hawaii

G331.5−0.1 in the Norma spiral arm is one of the most luminous and extended ...... Astronomico di Palermo, Piazza del Parlamento 1, I-90134 Palermo, Italy ...... we estimated the spectral types and masses of θ1Ori C1 and C2 to be O5.5 (M ...

3870020767PL_Varian_LotIII 111609

15 июл. 2008 г. - 60%Vspl/40% Grpht Ferl 400·C1/16" ftg to. $52.00. $46.80 ...... TUBING SS 316 1/16X1.00 NORMA. $19.00 ...... HM90134. KF722 Kel-F« Hub ...

Catalogo actualizado - Secursa

... los requisitos y criterios requeridos por la Norma de Acreditación ISO 17025. ...... C1: Especificar tipos, estructura y soporte de modelos normalizados que ...

Norma Kamali Цельный купальный костюм Mio …

Рейтинг: 4 - 16 отзывов<br />Norma Kamali Цельный купальный костюм Mio на SHOPBOP - САМАЯ БЫСТРАЯ БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ДОСТАВКА ПО СНГ. КУПИТЬ Norma Kamali онлайн.

Casa Facile | COD.0000000457 - ristorantino/pub alla cattedrale E ...

90134 Palermo (PA) ... Impianti a norma - APE G - euro 75.000. tel. 0 9 1 / 3 2 4 ... Scheda-Tecnica-457.pdf · QR-Code-457.png · plan locale commerciale c1.pdf.

Uptake and release of calcium ions by heavy sarcoplasmic reticulum ...

DOI: 10.1016/0020-711X(90)90134-O · Source: PubMed. Cite this publication. D.M. McSweeney .... Apr 1992; Int J Biochem · Michelle Silove. Norma Savage.

Pat_0.vp:CorelVentura 7.0 - Valstybinis patentų biuras

25 авг. 2006 г. - LONGO, Antonio, Via Maqueda, 8, I-90134 Palermo, IT. (74) Leihkauf ...... McINTYRE, Bradley, T., 3316 Norma Drive, Thorndale,. PA 19372, US ...... vandenilis arba C1–4 alkilo arba alkoksi grupė, X yra. N arba CR5, kur R5 ...

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Бюстгальтер от купальника в полоску форма …

norma kamali Купальн... бюстгальтер-бандо, синтетическое джерси, без ... mara hoffman Купальный ...

manifesto degli studi anno accademico 2018/19 - Accademia di Belle ...

3 авг. 2018 г. - grado corrispondente ai livelli C1 e C2 del Consiglio d'Europa, emesse nell'ambito del sistema di qualità .... 90134 Palermo. Lo studente avrà ...

Provincia di Firenze - 2018 Indice - Regione Toscana

2,00 e/o trabattelli a norma, anche esterni,mobili o fissi e ogni altro onere e magistero per dare il lavoro ...... Manodopera € 45,90134 ...... 001 - Sezione in rilevato tipo C1: extraurbana; 10,50 m = 1,50 banchina + 3,75 corsia + 3,75 corsia +.

of Australia - Federal Register of Legislation

506 -90134. 506 -89934 ...... Experimental Officer, C1.2. 506 -84033 ...... Norma. Jones, Kathie May. Lamshed, Sharon Janet. Linwood, Christine May. Maddigan ...

NORMA KAMALI - каталог коллекции 2018-2019 …

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repubblica italiana bollettino ufficiale della - Regione Umbria

30 нояб. 2010 г. - a) per la definizione grafica e le disposizioni norma- tive dell'ambito A ... tive dell'Ambito C1 - Pianura irrigua di apportare delle modifiche ...

Ephemera - Tie Front Bandeau Bikini Top - …

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Chemical modulation of guanine nucleotide exchange ... - ULB Bonn

assay (Section. The same beh his observation ompounds we and K1.08.C1 r structures in. 49 ...... norma used a. 7.7.2. The dialy. DMS solut. The c samp filled at 25 injec subtr. Nano. 7.7.3. For perfo colum ...... 1708,90134. AITDIIEMDSKRVPR.

Prot. N. UMU/2014.275 Roma, 11 febbraio 2014 ISTRUZIONI ...

31 мар. 2014 г. - 90134 PALERMO ..... modernizzazione del settore agricolo, a norma dell'articolo 7 della L. 5 .... stato richiesto l'aiuto, identificata a norma dell'art. ...... C1 -aziende che utilizzano il metodo biologico per tutte le UBA aziendali.

Norma Kamali Купальный Бюстгальтер, Одежда Нижний Новгород

Norma Kamali Купальный Бюстгальтер, Одежда Нижний Новгород. Гибкая система скидок. Тысячи товаров по лучшим ценам!

Herbstprogramm 2018 der vhs Krumbach - Stadt Krumbach

20 окт. 2018 г. - SB-Markt. Mayer. Reformhaus. Glück. Norma. Kaufland. Penny. Kru m ba ch. Kamme l. K rum b .... (08281) 90134. Thannhausen. Gesellschaft |.


norma ISO/TS 16949 per l'ottenimento della relativa certificazione. Elaborazione ... Nome e tipo d'organizzazione | Liceo Scientifico Statale "Benedetto Croce", Via Beníratelli, 4 - 90134 Palermo erogatrice ... C1 Livello avanzato B2. B1 Livello ...


11 сент. 2015 г. - Jasso, Norma G. SDG&E. Exh No:SDG&E-235 ...... CHAPTER 2A2-c1. 33. SoCalGas ...... recorded expenses of $90134 million as a basis for its ...

8 ~1AR.2Cn - Regione Siciliana

Via V. Emanuele, 429/431 - 90134 Palermo tel. ... 13.03.2015, del 14.04.2015 e del 24.06.2015 - prescrizioni a norma dell'art. 20 del D.Lgs. 19/12/94 ... o maschera respiratoria (certificata CE secondo normativa EN 136:98 C1.3, con raccordo ...

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душевой лоток berges c1 norma 90134 купить по лучшей цене. Направление: водоснабжение, Группа: сантехника, Подгруппа: Комплектующие для ...

GU Serie Generale n.268 del 16-11-2016 - Gazzetta Ufficiale

16 нояб. 2016 г. - 90134. 159 Fondazione Rome Biomedical Campus. University Foundation. 97723880155 Via Turati ..... zioni a valere sulle relative risorse finanziarie, a norma degli articoli 60, 61, 62 e ...... ALLEGATO 2. 16/117/CU01/C1-C4.

Norma r a romm the methodologies of positivism and marxism a sociological. Norma kamali купальный бюстгальтер купить с доставкой в ...

NORMA KAMALI Купальный бюстгальтер. 1821 Просмотров. синтетическое джерси, аппликации из металла, одноцветное изделие, без застёжки, ...

Sostenibilidad - Tottus.com

norma de inocuidad alimentaria internacional, que brinda ..... colaboradores. 90,134. 94,872. 73. 77 c) Pagos a los Proveedores de Capital. 2,365. 2,358. 11. 12.

Norma r a romm the methodologies of positivism and marxism a sociological. Бюстгальтер от купальника в полоску форма …

norma kamali Купальн... бюстгальтер-бандо, синтетическое джерси, без ... mara hoffman Купальный ...

NORMA KAMALI Купальный ... - clouty.ru

NORMA KAMALI Купальный бюстгальтер Женщинам CL000022122187, цвет: чёрный из магазина YOOX, бренд Norma Kamali в ...

Untitled - Boletín Oficial de Salta

23 окт. 1992 г. - de Italia. M.Ed. N? l66E del 23-10-92. Aprueba Resolución No 1279/92 ST . SC . del Consejo. General de Educación: Designa Representante ...

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Flexible Evolutionary Algorithms for Mining Structured Process Models

c1 cn. Figure 4.4: Scenario of the discovery of a configurable process model and its ...... slower than algorithms tailored towards specific problems [77,90,134]. Al- ...... In Chapter 8 we presented the ETMr algorithm which considers a norma-.

Норма ||∙||1 пространства C1[a,b] слабее нормы ||∙|| C[a,b ...

Заголовок сообщения: Норма ||∙||1 пространства C1[a,b] слабее нормы ||∙|| C[a,b]?. Сообщение Добавлено: 30 апр 2012, 09:08 ...Не найдено: 90134[PDF]Norma de Información Financiera - conlaeconlae.org/.../4a11b3c1_conlae_nif_c_1_efectivo_proyecto...Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницу9 мая 2009 г. - PROYECTO PARA AUSCULTACIÓN. Para recibir comentarios a más tardar el 8 de agosto de 2009. Norma de Información. Financiera. C–1.Не найдено: 90134Daniel Wellington Часы 1123DW Коллекция Bristol купить в Коломнеkolomna.lunniy-svet.ru/daniel-wellington-chasi-1123dw-kollektsiya-bristol.htmlСохраненная копия... Майка классическая Printio Ash vs evil dead эш против зловещих мертвецов, Настольная лампа Eglo 83137, Душевой лоток Berges C1 Norma 90134, ...

C1 Norma - Интернет-магазин сантехники в Екатеринбурге

C1 Norma купить по низкой цене в Екатеринбурге можно в магазине сантехники Кристал. Позвоните и обсудите размер вашей скидки и ... Арт.: 90134.

All. 07_ Mod. curriculum europeo - Arpa Sicilia

I.S.P.R.A.), STS di Palermo, Via E. Amari 124, 90134 Palermo .... Nome e indirizzo del datore di lavoro Norma Servizi Intertecnici, Via M. Rapisardi n°7 – 97019 ..... Levels: A1/2: Basic user – B1/2: independent user – C1/2: proficient user.

Untitled - Электронная библиотека ГрГУ - Гродненский ...

областей [1,3-5,8,9,11,26,27,31,33,36,46,90,134-139,146-152,155-167,176- ...... автомата в КФ c1 становится недоступным, ибо не существует в (23) ...... этих же конечных Х-объектов, выражаемой через длину изображения норма-.

Producció científica - FUTUR. Portal de la Producció Científica dels ...

Edifici C1. C. Jordi Girona, 1-3. 08034 Barcelona Obrir en finestra nova; Localitat: Barcelona; URL .... Contribución a una posible revisión de la norma sismorresistente española p. 61-68 .... 3, p. 427-439. DOI: 10.1016/0045-7949(83)90134-7

description --- taxpayer map-block-parcel/location lots ... - Amazon S3

CARTER NORMA JEAN. S 52-04-067 ST .... S 90134-02-015 PAMPLICO HWY & ROSE DR. 1. 2 13. CURTIS ...... S 23807-01-035 THE VISTAS UNIT C1. 1. 14.

The Register of Australian and New Zealand Shipping 1921 by ... - Issuu

118,996 1 1 . 2 Townsville, 1909 L o n d o n 90,134 ...... NORMA NORMAN. Wood ...... '3 32 75 27 3° 9 12 87 4 16 10 38 9 11 398 79 17 74 7 26 74 >9 91 •>C1.

Verbale del 21/07/2016 - Università degli Studi di Parma

21 июл. 2016 г. - presso l'Università di Parma - settore concorsuale 09/C1-Macchine e Sistemi per l'Energia e ... comportamento dei dipendenti pubblici, a norma dell'articolo 54 del Decreto legislativo. 30 marzo ..... Paper GT2006-90134).

guida al modello 730/2018 - CAF Interregionale Dipendenti

24 апр. 2018 г. - La norma riguarda i seguenti oneri e spese ( codice della spesa indicato al ...... la spesa rimborsata dal sotituto. ONTALIERI rigo C1 cod. 4 rigo C 1 ...... 90134. 180 Fondazione Rosselli. 97528920016 C.so Giulio Cesare,.

2. Suppl. Straordinario al n. 51 - 16 dicembre 2008 - Consultazione ...

16 дек. 2008 г. - nesse a lavori di ristrutturazione e messa a norma, in corso o programmati. In tal modo ...... del comparto e della dirigenza gli stessi, nel rispetto della norma- ...... 90134 90.13.4. CLORURO ...... COMPLEMENTO (C1 Inibitore).

Grampos fixadores rápidos, manuais e pneumáticos - STOCKFER

Qualidade máxima, em conformidade com a norma de ...... 90134. 2. 1,0. 1,2. M6x35. 260. 90142. 3. 1,4. 2,5. M8x45. 470. 90159. 4. 2,0. 3,0 ...... de fixação devem ser pedidos separadamente. Tabela de medidas: Nº enc. Tam. A. B. C. C1. C2.

Mythologies of Violence in Postmodern Media

Violence has been a topic of continued concern within American culture and society. Although there have been numerous sociological and historical studies of violence and its origins, there is relatively little systematic analysis of violence within media representation, even as this issue becomes preeminent within public discourse. This anthology examines a number of issues related to violence within the media landscape, using various methodologies to suggest the implications of the increasing obsession with violence for postmodern civilization.

4602 РУБ



Alasdair MacIntyre Marxism and Christianity

Contending that Marxism achieved its unique position in part by adopting the content and functions of Christianity, MacIntyre details the religious attitudes and modes of belief that appear in Marxist doctrine as it developed historically from the philosophies of Hegel and Feuerbach, and as it has been carried on by latter-day interpreters from Rosa Luxemburg and Trotsky to Kautsky and Lukacs. The result is a lucid exposition of Marxism and an incisive account of its persistence and continuing importance.

3739 РУБ



Gillis J. Harp Positivist Republic. Auguste Comte and the Reconstruction of American Liberalism, 1865-1920

""The reconstruction of American liberalism is of enduring interest to historians. Gillis Harp gives us a truly different way of looking at it. The advantage of his interpretation is that it explains, better than earlier studies, the derivation of certain characteristics of Progressive thought such as social solidarity, state activism, professional elitism, and a dedication to the service of humanity.""-Charles D. Cashdollar, author of The Transformation of Theology, 1830-1930: Positivism and Protestant Thought in Britain and America""Harp's study supplies a missing chapter in American intellectual history, and one essential to the emergence of twentieth-century liberalism. He identifies one wing of the intellectual ferment of the 1870s and 1880s, deriving from Auguste Comte, which must be understood in order to fully grasp the character of Ward's, Bellamy's, and later Progressive thought. This book bears the best marks of good intellectual history. It is important, exciting, and well-written.""-R. Jeffrey Lustig, author of Corporate LiberalismHistorians have long recognized the influence of Darwinism and German idealism on late Victorian intellectual discourse. In The Positivist Republic, Gillis Harp argues that, in America, Auguste Comte's positivism constituted another formative influence-one that has not been fully appreciated. In fact, according to Harp, Comtean positivism was critical to the transformation of Anglo-America...

6664 РУБ



George Scott The History of Corporal Punishment - A Survey Flagellation in Its Historical Anthropological and Sociological Aspects

A survey of flagellation in its historical, anthropological and sociological aspects. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

2989 РУБ



Cory Contini Qualitative . Quantative Research

Essay from the year 2009 in the subject Communications - Methods and Research Logic, grade: B, Ottawa University, course: Qualitative Research Methods, language: English, abstract: This report looks at research methods including the debate between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and relates these methodologies to the healthcare field in terms of providing cost effective solutions to healthcare problems like Medicare and other problems. The difference between qualitative and quantitative research approaches is also highlighted in the current report in the relationship between different paradigms of inquiry and definitions of paradigms. The features of logical positivism and phenomenology are therefore also used in approximate relativity to quantitative and qualitative methods, with the assumption being that qualitative methods are more reflective of the subjective approach of phenomenology. However, the report is also open to other definitions of paradigm and category in specific terms of healthcare research topics and new definitions of both types of research approach. "There is no universally accepted definition of qualitative research, because it is a field of enquiry rather than a single entity. Qualitative research is a broad term for a variety of research approaches... 'Qualitative research is an inquiry process of understanding based on distinct methodological traditions of inquiry that explore a social or human problem. The researcher build...

1752 РУБ



Norman R. Petersen The Gospel of John and the Sociology Light

This provocative study of the language of the Fourth Gospel pursues the complicated but intriguing thesis that the Gospel's language is a blend of everyday, ordinary language and a ""special language"" suitable to the Johannine community. This ""special language"" transforms the ordinary language in a way that makes it into an anti-language. The oppositional character of the language, then, fuctioned socially to distinguish the Johannine believers from their opponents. By addressing the perplexing issue of the language of the Fouth Gospel in a way that has not yet been done, Professor Petersen has made his work essential for specialists in New Testament and especially in Johannine studies. The work deals with the literary, historical, and sociological features of the Fourth Gospel. Its use of diverse methodologies is one of the book's extraordinary values, reflecting the current need for interdisciplinary efforts in Johannine studies.Norman R. Petersen is Washington Gladden Professor of Religion Emeritus at Williams College, and the author of the award-winning Rediscovering Paul: Philemon and the Sociology of Paul's Narrative World and Literary Criticism for New Testament Critics. Since his retirement in 2001, Norman spends much of his time painting. You can view some of his non-representational acrylics at www.seabreezearts.com

1877 РУБ



Cedric J. Robinson An Anthropology of Marxism

An Anthropology of Marxism offers Cedric Robinson's analysis of the history of communalism that has been claimed by Marx and Marxists. Suggesting that the socialist ideal was embedded both in Western and non-Western civilizations and cultures long before the opening of the modern era and did not begin with or depend on the existence of capitalism, Robinson interrogates the social, cultural, institutional, and historical materials that were the seedbeds for communal modes of living and reimagining society. Ultimately, it pushes back against Marx's vision of a better society as rooted in a Eurocentric society, and cut off from its own precursors. Accompanied by a new foreword by H.L.T. Quan and a preface by Avery Gordon, this invaluable text reimagines the communal ideal from a broader perspective that transcends modernity, industrialization, and capitalism.

3952 РУБ



Marxism. Essential Writings

This selection from the major writings of the most influential Marxist thinkers provides easy and direct access to the sources of the 20th century's most important ideology.Those who are baffled by the ramifications of Marxism will find here the major statements of classical and contemporary Marxist theory from Marx himself, through Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin to Mao, Marcuse, Guevara, and Cabral. Together these texts give us a comprehensive view both of the Marxist tradition and of the varieties of contemporary Marxism.Professor McLellan has provided every excerpt with a list of further reading and with an introduction, which places each author in a historical and political context. Students will find this an indispensable first-hand guide to essential Marxism. David McLellan, professor emeritus of Political Theory at the University of Kent at Canterbury, has lectured widely in North America and continental Europe. He has authored a number of books on Karl Marx, including Karl Marx: His Life and Thought and Marxism after Marx. Many of his works have been translated into foreign languages. He is also the editor of Karl Marx: Selected Writings.

3039 РУБ



Rituparna Chutia Uncertainty Analysis

This book is an introduction to the methodologies for the uncertainty analysis of atmospheric dispersion under uncertain environment. The uncertainty issues in atmospheric dispersion are generally addressed within a purely probabilistic framework. A framework may exist where the information of the parameters are epistemic in the sense of fuzzy or epistemic and aleatory combined together. There is a need for methodologies of sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of atmospheric dispersion in those frameworks. In order to address uncertainties such as fuzzy, probability and imprecise probability new methodologies are proposed and discussed through hypothetical case studies of atmospheric dispersion. Methodologies such as fuzzy-imprecise probability, hybrid stochastic response surface method and construction of probability bound through stochastic response surface methods have been developed and are discussed here.

5707 РУБ



Sobhanlal Datta Gupta Marxism in Dark Times. Select Essays for the New Century

Offering an alternative exploration of the subject, 'Marxism in Dark Times' anchors its investigation of Marxism in the conceptual spheres of humanism, democracy and pluralism. Its essays question the stereotyped, positivist notion of the theory as practised by the exponents of official Marxism, highlight the legacy of the suppressed voices in the Marxist tradition, and provide new insights into reading Marxism in the twenty-first century-affording new perspectives on Antonio Gramsci, Rosa Luxemburg, Nikolai Bukharin, David Ryazanov and the Frankfurt School. They seek to review the phenomenon of 'Perestroika,' explore the new historiography on Comintern, and examine the relation between Marxism and postmodernism. With its wide-ranging provision of materials-some translated here into English from German and Russian for the first time-this collection offers a pioneering English assessment of some of the most debatable issues in contemporary Marxism.

5777 РУБ



Barbara Watts Cummings A Review of Books, Studies and Journal Articles Published in the U.S.A. from 1955-1995 Relating to Sociological Impact Corporate Relocation o

Книга "A Review of Books, Studies and Journal Articles Published in the U.S.A. from 1955-1995 Relating to the Sociological Impact of Corporate Relocation o".

3377 РУБ



David Inglis Cultural Sociology. An Introduction

Cultural Sociology: An Introduction is the first dedicated student textbook to address cultural sociology as a legitimate model for sociological thinking and research. Highly renowned authors present a rich overview of major sociological themes and the various empirical applications of cultural sociology. A timely introductory overview to this increasingly significant field which provides invaluable summaries of key studies and approaches within cultural sociology Clearly written and designed, with accessible summaries of thematic topics, covering race, class, politics, religion, media, fashion, and music International experts contribute chapters in their field of research, including a chapter by David Chaney, a founder of cultural sociology Offers a unified set of theoretical and methodological tools for those wishing to apply a cultural sociological approach in their work

7601.52 РУБ



Josep R. Llobera, J. Llobera An Invitation to Anthropology. The Structure, Evolution and Cultural Identity of Human Societies

"Llobera's book is impressive in its comprehensive and encyclopaedic presentation of theories and key concepts relating to all aspects human societies . . . Although controversial, Llobera's elementary book is welcome because it opens the way for new debates and discussions in anthropology . . . [It] is courageous and provocative, but first of all it is a 'fresh', detailed and sophisticated introduction to an old discipline." · Social Anthropology"This introduction to anthropology for undergraduates reflects a blend of textbooks in Europe and the US . . . excellent chapters." · JRAISynthesizing British, French and American traditions, this stimulating and accessible text presents a comprehensive and fascinating introduction to social and cultural anthropology. It offers an original approach through integrating knowledge produced from a variety of perspectives, placing cultural and social anthropology in a wider context including macro-sociological concepts and reference to biological evolution. Written in a clear and concise style, it conveys to the student the complexities of a discipline focusing on the structure, evolution and cultural identity of human societies up to the present day.The text consists of four major parts: the scope and method of anthropology, a conceptual and institutional overview, the evolution of the structure of human societies, and the cultural politics of race, ethnicity, nationalism and multiculturalism.Josep R. Llob...

4652 РУБ



Sarah Pink Visual Interventions. Applied Anthropology

"...there's a great deal social researchers doing visual work can learn from Pink's book...It's a valuable resource for researchers, activists, and social service workers looking for innovative visual methodologies for collaborative research and social intervention. It makes an excellent contribution to the ongoing academic debate over the value of applied and visual social research, as well." · Contexts, Magazine of the American Sociological AssociationVisual anthropology has proved to offer fruitful methods of research and representation to applied projects of social intervention. Through a series of case studies based on applied visual anthropological work in a range of contexts (health and medicine, tourism and heritage, social development, conflict and disaster relief, community filmmaking and empowerment, and industry) this volume examines both the range contexts in which applied visual anthropology is engaged, and the methodological and theoretical issues it raises.Sarah Pink is a social anthropologist whose research includes a focus on visual methodologies and the relationship between applied and academic anthropology. Her books include Doing Visual Ethnography (2001), Home Truths (2004), Working Images (2004) and Applications of Anthropology (2005). She is reader in Social Anthropology in the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University.

4539 РУБ



Robert Dingwall Pandemics and Emerging Infectious Diseases. The Sociological Agenda

Infectious disease pandemics are a rising threat in our globalizing world. This agenda-setting collection provides international analysis of the pressing sociological concerns they confront us with, from cross-border coordination of public health governance to geopolitical issues of development and social equity. Focuses on vital sociological issues raised by resurgent disease pandemics Detailed analysis of case studies as well as broader, systemic factors Contributions from North America, Europe and Asia provide international perspective Bold, agenda-setting treatment of a high-profile topic

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Dienes Andre de Dienes, Marilyn. 2 vol.

Before there was Marilyn, there was Norma Jeane The photos and secret memoirs of Marilyn Monroes first photographer and lifelong friend Fashion photographer Andre de Dieness life was changed forever one day in 1945 when he met a lovely young aspiring model named Norma Jeane Dougherty. He instantly fell in love with her innocence and charm and the two were briefly engaged. They took many adventurous road trips together in those early years, de Dienes shooting Norma Jeane in every possible natural setting in his original, inspired style. He soon built up a huge portfolio of stunning photographs of the smiling brunette which helped to launch her model career and, a few years later, a film career that was to make her a legend. His entire relationship with the star, including many private moments shared only between the two, is detailed in de Dieness secret memoirs, which were discovered when Monroe fans ravaged his home after his death in 1988. The memoirs tell a beautiful story of love and friendship from the point of view of someone who knew Marilyn intimately; describing the transformation from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe - the evolution of a sensitive, ambitious girl into a deeply troubled megastar - from an inside perspective, they shed light on a little-known side of Marilyn. From their trip to see Norma Jeanes mother in a mental hospital to Marilyns visit to his home a few days before her death, de Dienes recounts all of the emotional moments they shared. The combination of de Dieness memoirs and an extensive selection of his Monroe photographs (which numbered in the thousands) makes for an unprecedented, personal exploration into the psychology, history, and iconography of the worlds favorite movie star. The editor: California-native Steve Crists TASCHEN titles include Andre de Dieness Marilyn, William Claxtons Steve McQueen, and The Polaroid Book.

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Gerd Theissen The First Followers of Jesus. A Sociological Analysis the Earliest Christianity

Книга "The First Followers of Jesus. A Sociological Analysis of the Earliest Christianity".

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Diverse Methodologies in the Study of Music Teaching and Learning (PB)

A volume in Advances in Music Education ResearchSeries Editors Linda K. Thompson, Lee Universityand Mark Robin Campbell, SUNY at PotsdamDiverse Methodologies in the Study of Music Teaching and Learning brings to the music research community an expansive collectionof distinct and varied studies, reflecting a broad range of topics based on the authors' interests and experiences. Methodologies exemplified in thecollection offer readers insight into the design and conduct of a whole range of distinctive research approaches: from personal narrative to speech-acttheory, from social analysis of institutional practices and traditions to children-as-researchers, from case studies of learning to critical analysis of multiculturalism,and from human development to survey analysis studies.As a set of studies, Diverse Methodologies represents and reflects the music education researchcommunity at a truly unique moment. The collection demonstrates the profession's increased motivation,willingness, and desire to expand and enhance the research base and traditions in the study andpractice of music education. This volume is an important addition to the libraries of Colleges of Educationand Schools of Music, as well as music scholars and educators, researchers, and graduate studentswho are concerned with advancing both the scope and quality of research in the study of music teachingand learning.

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